RHT Industries Limited has been established?in Hong Kong for more than 20 years and its?head?office is located?in the Hong Kong Science Park. RHT has been focusing on sustainable development of innovative technologies?and its business has been gradually diversified into different sectors and is going globally.

RHT?jointly with the Member of HKUST Entrepreneurship Program?to invent the Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation (NCCO)?Air Purification Technology, which has been patented in many?countries.?The air treatment solutions have been applied for more than 200 medical institutions worldwide,?as well as many public and private institutions in Hong Kong such as HSBC, Hong Kong International Airport, and MTR Corporation. Meanwhile, RHT?has entered into the retail market?and?launched the commercial and household air purification products using RHT and b-MOLA brands.

RHT Industries Limited has a professional research team which comprised of members from well-known universities around the world?including the Hong Kong University of Science Technology, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Vienna. They have accomplished?an extraordinary?results in the application of Material Science and developed a series of?innovative materials which?improve the quality of life.

RHT?believe in Hong Kong inventions, Hong Kong manufacturing?and introduces overseas advanced technology?collaborating together to?make Hong Kong innovative scientific product growing presence?internationally.


NCCO Air Purification Technology?Introduction

NCCO?Air Purification Technology?is not only suitable for household air purification, but also widely used in commercial, industrial and medical institutions.

The unique feature of NCCO Air Purification Technology is that the active oxygen released by the active oxygen generator is used to kill bacteria and viruses?and to disrupt?the molecular structure of harmful pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?and then to decompose the harmful gas into harmless water and carbon dioxide through the NCCO reactor. Its effectiveness has been confirmed by the testing institution.

Compared with the typical air purification systems commonly used, NCCO air purification technology can effectively decompose pollutants and will not accumulate excessive pollutants that leads to the failure of the purification system. It will not release harmful substances which causing secondary pollution.



  • RHT participated in the R&D Program of the HKUST Entrepreneurship.
  • RHT invented NCCO Air Purification Technology with the Member of HKUST Entrepreneurship Program.
  • RHT jointly formulated?the methodology of the “Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme” with the Environmental Protection Department?and the HKUST.
  • NCCO Air Purification Technology has been recognized and used by international brands.
  • RHT has?developed?the diversified products for commercial applications.
  • RHT was invited by Hong Kong International Airport to tackle the?air quality problem?in smoking rooms.
  • RHT products are widely used by Hong Kong government departments and public sectors.


  • RHT has entered into the Mainland China market and applied NCCO Air Purification Technology to provide the domestic industrial emission source treatment plan.
  • NCCO Air Purification Technology?has been popularized?to household products.
  • RHT has established the b-MOLA?and RHT brand for household products.
  • RHT brand has been launched in Pricerite, one of Hong Kong’s largest houseware specialty stores.


RHT Products are classified into the four types: household, medical / commercial, industrial and vehicle mounted.

  • Household: Removes, purifies and decomposes the harmful gases, bacteria and viruses in daily life.

Household: NCCO1702

Household: NCCO1701

  • Medical / Commercial: Purifies air in shopping mall or places with dense population; Sterilization and odour removal.

Medical / Commercial: RH-490C

  • Industrial Air Treatment Unit: Remove odor, VOCs, cancerogenic substance, PM10, PM2.5 and other particles which are produced from large factory and workshop, so as to let employees free from pollution damage.

Industrial: RA805

Industrial: RH-220

  • The vehicle-mounted Air Treatment Unit is aimed at removing, purifying and decomposing the air pollutants in the vihicle.

Vehicle-mounted: PSB

Vehicle-mounted: IVAP22 (B)


  • SAE Magnetics (Dongguan) LTD

In recent years, SAE Magnetics (Dongguan) LTD. has evolved to become one of the world’s leading independent manufacturer?of?magnetic recording heads for hard disk drives. Its parent company is SAE Magnetics (H.K.) LTD,?which is?a wholly-owned subsidary of TDK Corporation.SAE Magnetics (H.K.) LTD is a high-tech manufacturing base with the processes of scientific research, development and production.

Due to the several VOC solutions used at the production of circuit board and electromagnetic parts, a great amount of VOCs is included at the industrial waste gas emission. In order to solve this problem, SAE Magnetics (Dongguan) LTD. invited RHT to provide?an air purification project. After field visit and discussion, RHT decided to adopt NCCO Technology to treat air pollutants, which has greatly improved the working environment and enhanced the work efficiency.

  • Yanzhuang Oils

Yanzhuang Oils, an emerging enterprise of cooking oil production, where the cooking oil finds a good sale in Singapore and European countries. However, high concentration of VOCs, grease, irritating odor produced from the?mass production of cooking oil had influenced the surrounding resident’s life. In order to solve this problem, Yanzhuang Oils accepted RHT’s suggestion to install NCCO Air Treatment Unit at air outlet, not only successfully treated the VOC at exhaust gas, but also greatly removed the odor of sesame oil, particles and fume. No influence to surround resident anymore.


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